• Application Form┬ácompleted via our website, including any questions you have;
  • Cavalier Rescue reviews and contacts applicants within approx. 3 business days;
  • Meet and Greet with the dog/puppy is arranged at a convenient time for both the Cavalier Rescue/foster carer and potential adopter, including introductions to existing animals and all members of the potential home
  • Home and Yard check is arranged between Cavalier Rescue representative and potential adopter. The dog/puppy comes along to this and if there are no issues, the dog/puppy is able to stay at the home from this time. Adoption Agreement is signed, Change of Ownership form is completed and Adoption Fee is paid in cash.
  • Adoption Pack is mailed after the 14 day trial period.


Please note: completing an adoption form does not guarantee that an adoption will take place.

Cavalier Rescue reserves the right to choose the most suitable applicant and reject those deemed unsuitable.

Occasionally, there can be multiple applications for the one animal and there is no 'First In - Best Dressed' - the multiple applications are vetted for the most suitable.

We do our utmost to contact all applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, to inform them of the result but as we are staffed by volunteers, most of whom work full time, occasionally responses are overlooked and we apologise in advance if this occurs.

Cavalier Rescue does not adopt to those who are not permanent residents of Australia.